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Please take the time to discuss the policies with your students


1)School Uniform Policy.  On January 1997, The Garvey School Board of Education approved a mandatory school uniform policy (B.P 5132 (a)) for all students in the Garvey School District Schools.  Willard students must wear a school uniform daily.  The uniform consists of a white, powder blue, or navy blue blouse or shirt with a collar and navy blue pants or girls, navy skirts comprise the required uniform.  Blue sweaters and jackets may be worn in cold weather.  A uniform waiver is available upon request however a meeting with the principal regarding dress code will be scheduled before the waiver is granted.  There is also an assistance plan for families who request a need for assistance.  A meeting with the principal will need to be scheduled.


2) Attendance Policy.   Willard staff encourages parents to reinforce good attendance by making sure their child arrives to school on time every day.  California Law (Education Code 48200) requires Compulsory School Attendance for all children between the ages of 6 and 18. This means that you must make sure your child attends school each and every day for the full length of the school day, unless there is an approved reason for you child to be absent.  BP 5113 (c) discusses excused absences.  Notices will be sent if a child is absent for more that three times or tardy more than three times in a school year.  If a child is excessively absent, we will follow procedure according to the ABOLISH CHRONIC TRUANCY PROGRAM (ACT).  Students with 100% attendance will receive incentives throughout the year.


3) Homework/Makeup work BP6154 (a)  The Governing Board recognizes that homework contributes toward building responsibility, self-discipline and life-long learning habits, and that time spent on homework directly influences students' ability to meet the district's academic standards.  The Board expects students, parents/guardians and staff to view homework as a routine and important part of the students' daily lives.


4)   Discipline The Governing Board desires to prepare students for responsible citizenship by fostering self-discipline and personal responsibility.  The board believes that high expectations for student behavior, effective classroom management and parent involvement can minimize the need for discipline.  Staff shall use preventative measures and positive conflict resolution techniques whenever possible. (BP 5144 (a))  Each school shall develop disciplinary rules to meet the school's individual need.  Classrooms shall go over rules the first week of school and have there rules posted in their classrooms.

5)  School wide rules

Rules for playground

Rules for cafeteria

Rules for library

Rules for assemblies

Rules for visitors/ volunteers